Roofing Process

The Roofing Process

Step 1 – The Inspection

To begin our representative will do a free inspection to see if your roof has been damaged through hail or wind. If damaged we will document the impacted area.

Step 2 – Contingency

Once the damage Is clear a contingency agreement will be signed giving us permission to represent you to your insurance company. Allowing us to proceed in fixing your roof.

Step 3 - The Adjuster meeting

We then set a meeting with your insurance adjuster to ensure the proper settlement amount.

Step 4 – Contract

Once an agreement has been made with your insurance company, We meet again to sign a final contract outlining the project

Step 5 – Beginning your dream roof

Once the contract has been signed we order the material for your roof and set a date to fix your roof.

Step 6 – Completion of your roof

Once we have completed your job we will walk you around to make sure you are content with our work.

Step 7 – Final bill

After completion of your work we invoice the insurance company the final payment.

Step 8 – Job complete

When we have received the final payment, you will get your Certificate of Competion document along with a warranty (if you are eligible for one)